Foresters were the

Original Ecologists

Stewardship Forestry & Science brings forestry back to its roots of thoughtful stewardship of the Pacific Northwest’s most important natural resource. Our company combines expertise in forest management with state-of-the-science research and technology in ecologically-oriented forestry.

Mission Statement

Stewardship Forestry & Science’s mission is to provide the highest-quality ecologically-based forest management practices to suit landowner needs in the Pacific Northwest, while improving the ecological integrity of forests at a stand and landscape scale.

How We Work

We combine state-of-the-science concepts in forestry with practical experience to deliver solutions to landowners’ forest management needs. We work with landowners who have a mix of ecological, social, and economic objectives, ranging from small-scale non-industrial private forestland to thousands of acres on public land. We specialize in developing practical applications to difficult forest management problems, from forest restoration to multi-stakeholder collaboration. We translate the latest ecosystems and forestry science into meaningful on-the-ground silvicultural systems.

What is

“ecological forestry?”

Ecological forestry is an approach to forest management that uses research from natural disturbance patters in unmanaged forests to develop forest management plans. This approach results in management plans that maintain and improve biological diversity, wildlife, and forest complexity while harvesting timber to meet forest owner objectives. Stewardship Forestry continues to pioneer and perfect ecological forestry methods.


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